Fundraising Events & Activities

There are a number of ways in which you can help fundraise for Batten Fighters Forever.

BFF 100km Jurassic chalenge

Lisa, Amy, Scott and Andy will be taking on the 100km Jurassic coastal path challenge on 19th & 20th June.
Starting in Weymouth on the 19th June, they will be on a journey through 185 million years of history and conquering some of the most challenging parts of this incredible coastline, they will be targeting to finish after around 22 hours of solid trail running/ walking in Exmouth on the 20th.
This will not be easy; Lisa’s list of injuries is growing; Amy has sore knees; Scott is recovering from a broken toe; Andy struggles with his back and Crohn’s disease; but these just add to the challenge.
Our aim is to raise funds to support the needs of families fighting Batten Disease – this will be our driving motivation!

To sponsor them please click here

BFF Chocolate Easter Hamper

Congratulations to our three winners Rachel, Natalie & Patricia.

Thank you to everyone who supported the raffle, we raised £344.

BFF Disco 2020 – CANCELLED 🙁 

Watch this space for next years date.

Share, share, share!

Raising awareness is just as important as raising money. Most people have never heard of Batten Disease and without spreading the word, obtaining the funding for treatments or a cure would be an impossible task. Visit our Facebook page and give us a “like”, or use the social media buttons on any of the pages of this website to share our message.

Make BFF your chosen cause

Look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves. No matter how “little” you think you will be able to raise, every single bit will go towards a better life for Batten sufferers. So why not raise money and have fun at the same time – Run For Charity has a Top 100 Fundraising Ideas list on their website!

Contact us directly if you wish to discuss a fundraising idea.

Watch this space…

We’ll periodically post new fundraising activities that you can get involved in. Click the Follow button in the right-hand sidebar to be notified every time we publish a blog post, so you’re always up-to-date on what’s happening.

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For all those fundraising and donating their money and/or time, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts