Seizure Monitors

Monnay, 9yrs, cln6

Seizures and muscle spasms are a symptom of all variants of Batten disease. Monnay’s mum was having sleepless nights with worry over her daughters safety.

A Sami sleep monitor was the solution. The Sami sleep monitoring system connects a camera to an ipad, and it will alarm if the child is having a seizure. The images that are transmitted are very clear and the videos can be saved and sent to the doctor.

The Ipad can also be used as an entertainment device for the child.

Kelly, Monnays mum, quoted 

“this monitor will help me ensure her safety and wellbeing at night and provide her with better care at night in terms of her symptom management”

“thank you so much for your help and support this will improve our lives massively”