Bath Bomb making at Lush

We have encouraged Annabelle to think of a list of things she would like to do before she turns 18. Ticked off that list so far Annabelle has been to Florida, Disney Land Paris, she has learnt to ski and the next thing on her list is to make a Bath Bomb at Lush.

We approached the Lush store in Southampton and met with a lovely Australian girl called Mallory.  Mallory was fantastic and listened to our story,  planned the Lush experience to be tactile and full of enjoyment for Annabelle with her friends. Mallory organised it to be a gift for us to make memories and to fulfil Annabelles wish.

Friday the 13th, the day of unlucky occurrences? Not for us, the day of the lush party has arrrived. Annabelle chose two friends, her longest, closest friend Siobhan, and her newest supporting friend Ellie. Georgie also had two friends, Katrina and Jessie.  As we were walking towards the Shop the girls could smell the delights that awaited them, we were greeted by Ashleigh and Mallory.

The first activity was to make the bath bomb, the Lush product called “sex bomb”, renamed for the occasion as the Annabelle bomb. It has a fragrance of Jasmine, Ylang Ylang and clary sage with a pretty rose in the middle. The girls took it in turns to mix the ingredients together, and then each made their bombs. Annabelles words were “this is so cool and fun”, she had a smile from ear to ear as she was moulding her bomb.

The second activity, Fun Bar Pictionary. The fun bar is a product that feels like playdough but you can use it as a bubble bar, solid shampoo or soap. The idea of the the game is that someone is told an item, that item is then modelled then the other guests guess what the item is. Today, it was the first time ever, there was a twist, everybody was blind folded, allowing the girls to experience the activity the same way as Annabelle. The girls all managed to guess what was modelled by touch alone and they all said how weird it was not being able to see.

The Third activity, Bubble bar cocktail. Bubble bars are bars/shapes that you crumble into the bath and they change the colour of water, produce a beautiful fragrance and of course they make bubbles. The girls had to choose from a selection of crumbled bubble baths and come up with there own combination to be judged by their colour, smell and bubble quality. The younger girls just grabbed everything and put the crumble into their jugs, the older girls thought long and hard about theirs. Poor Sam had the task of judging. He chose Bubble Pop, a cocktail produced by Ellie and Annabelle’s came second, she named hers “Pink Sunset”.

To finish the experience all the girls got to choose a bath bomb or a bubble bar to take home. The girls loved smelling every bomb or bar they could find, Annabelle chose a fidget spinner bubble bar. All the girls left with a smile on their face, and the car journey home was full of chatter about their bombs and a rather strong fragrance from their party bags.

We would like to say a massive thank you to Mallory, Ashleigh and of course Sam at Lush, Southampton, you made the experience very enjoyable for Annabelle, and you helped us make memories that we will cherish forever. We will be popping in to say Hi very soon.




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