My Garden

Blogger Belle here, as you know I have Batten disease, so most people with a disease like me get to make a wish.  I decided to make my wish of a garden just for me with things that I love to do. My nurse at Julias House was going to put my wish to Make A wish when this stupid Corona Virus struck and they are not accepting new wishes.

My dad being the expert at DIY and being at home all this time decided he would try and help me out and grant some of my wish by creating me a sensory garden, somewhere for me to chill. He has built me a raised bed with herbs because I like cooking, also he built me a swing seat that hangs from a pergola. I also asked for a water feature, wind chimes and lots of Lavender. Dad did an amazing job and I’m so happy.

I’m hoping that after this corona virus has passed and make A wish are accepting wishes again I can apply for the rest of my wish. The rest of my wish is really special to me because I want to play with my younger siblings and Robbie will also be able to use the garden after I cant. I really really want an in ground trampoline and a basket swing. I love to jump on my trampoline but I now struggle to get on it and I’m to big for our swings set, Well, we have had them for 11years!!!.

I hope you enjoy your summer, I know I will sat in my sensory garden.

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  1. Debbie Ellis says:

    Oh Belle what a beautiful ‘special place’ your lovely dad has made for you. Enjoy you wonderful moments and I’m sure your other wishes will be granted as soon as possible xxx

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