The First Wheel chair

6 weeks ago, whilst we were away in our motor home, Annabelle had a conversation with me.

The day before we had walked along Hastings seafront, it was a windy day but dry. We parked the motor home at one end and off we went, enjoying the delight the seaside has to offer. We looked into shops and looked at the buildings, strolling along enjoying ourselves.

We walked back to the motor home for lunch. While I was preparing lunch the children were playing on the Green, but Annabelle was in the motor home slumped against the window, head on arms, feeling absolutely tired.

Annabelle said “Mummy, yesterday if I had walked one way and you pushed me back, I could have been playing with the others today. I’m fed up with my body aching all the time, fed up with feeling tired and I’m very fed up with not being able to join in the fun”. I was stunned! My Annabelle admitting defeat. She asked for a wheelchair – a very mature decision to make.

This is something that I thought would not happen for a long time, but today we went to be assessed to see if we are allowed a wheelchair or not. To my surprise we came away with one.

Annabelle tested four wheelchairs and she chose the one she wanted. It was her chair after all. She had to feel comfortable and she had to accept it. She chose an Action Junior, in red with flashing front castors and with hand brakes.

Annabelle loves it, and can’t wait until winter so people can see the flashing wheels in the dark.



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