Meet Coach David

Robbie has always shown an interest in football and sports – he would always be kicking a ball around the garden. A couple of years ago we searched around for a football club or group that would take two year olds. We found Play Sportz, a club owned and run by David Emes, that teaches all round ball skills which help develop coordination, agility, balance and spatial awareness to children aged from 2 to 5 years old.

The reason why I wanted to write this blog is to say a massive thank you to David and to introduce him to others. He is a devoted husband and dad – he has two boys and speaks very proudly of them. Beyond Play Sportz, he volunteers his time to teach children cricket and supports Wimborne Town Football Club with fundraising.

Right from the initial taster session he established a healthy rapport with Robbie. David is very good with the children. He quickly gained Robbie’s trust, Robbie loves him.

David’s support has gone beyond running the Play Sportz sessions that Robbie attends. He noticed that I was looking upset one week and he knew that something wasn’t right – this was a few weeks after Annabelle’s CLN3 diagnosis – he offered his full support. Time passed and each week he asked how Annabelle was doing, always offering his help. The week after we received Robbie’s diagnosis he knew that something was wrong, he came up to me after the session and asked, I said “We have had the results for Georgie and Robbie”, I didn’t have to say anymore, David just hugged me and tears filled his eyes, he said “No……….Robbie?”. From that moment on David has wanted to help, to show his support and to raise funds.

David organised a Super Hero week at Play Sportz, where all the children dressed up as super heroes and parents gave donations, he shared our JustGiving page and contacted the local newspaper who have since shared our story. David is also joining us on the London Marathon Walk in September, and has raised a lot in sponsorship.

Sadly, last week was our last session at Play Sportz but I think Robbie’s smile has had an lasting effect on David. I know that David’s support to us will continue for years to come. He is warm hearted, very kind and selfless man. He will always be a BFF.


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  1. Gina Rahman says:

    I remember you finding that club for Robbie and him being full of beans from his first time going. His birthday party too was a great hit and we still have the mini play sportz football. xx

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